I was tired before I met you. I am still exhausted now - it isn’t from lack of rest or coffee, it’s a strain that I feel pulling on my tendons and tightening the fibers of my eyelids. I am fatigued from life; from the pressure I feel building in my lungs.
I am tired of people, but my stomach aches in the empty rooms and in the silence they echo.
 Flowers In Bone Cages (Available on Amazon)

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The First Day Of Spring - Noah And The Whale

In honor of, you know, the first day of spring.

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On the walls of the day, in the shade of the sun, we wrote down another vision of us. We were the challengers of the unknown.
Challengers - The New Pornographers
I’m not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.
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Darling, you come here
Don’t stay so far away from me”
This weather has me wanting love more tangible
Something I can hold because it’s getting cold
A Song To Pass The Time - Bright Eyes

Can’t Find My Way Home - Blind Faith